Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Goodbye Brookie!

Earlier this summer my parents had to say goodbye to a long time member of our family. This member of our family came into our life when I was in grade school! Brooke was a beautiful golden retriever puppy and grew into a dog that meant a lot to both my parents and I.

Eventually, Brooke's little world was rocked when Grace was born. Grace quickly became the star of the show, and probably threw Brooke for a major loop. This screaming child took up all of the peoples time in her life. But she handled it so well. We moved away, and while she probably loved the piece and quiet of having just my parents around, you could tell she almost turned into a puppy again when we would come home.

Her world was rocked again when Cody and I got our dog Remi, and Remi would come home with us on the weekends we visited. Remi at first was a complete annoyance to Brooke. She would try to wrestle her, bite on her neck and outrun her. But Brooke showed Remi the ropes of the place and set the boundary so Remi knew where she could and couldn't go (besides the pond of course, because there is NO barrier between Remi and that thing no matter how much an old-pup like Brooke tried to teach her...heck Remi's shock collar can't even teach her that lesson!). But before we knew it, Remi soon calmed down and let Brooke have her own space too.

She was so loyal, so patient, full of energy, and was overall a great animal. I will always remember her and her hedgehog that she had to carry around like Annie does her paci. That thing never made it far out of her sight. She would carry her own leash on walks around town. She would run so fervently alongside Mom and Dad's gator just so excited to see where everyone was going. She was patient with the cats, and even acted like one half of the time. She would play and bark back at you if you pretended to growl at her and steal her hedgehog. A true character.

We were sad to say goodbye to her, but know that she lived a great life on Mom and Dad's acreage. She lived a long life, but every minute of it she seemed to be happy and healthy. She truly was the definition of a companion in an animal.

I thought I would post a few pictures of Brookie on here. They are really old pictures that I took pictures of on my phone. They were in scrapbooks from when I was younger.

Sometime if I find more recent pictures with the girls and Brooke I'll post those too. But for now, just wanted to share these of her golden days!

We miss you Brooke! Even Remington does!

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