Friday, September 6, 2013

First Day of School

First day of school! Whoo-hoo!

Grace had an early start this year starting on August 21st! Wow! I had been in Richmond, VA and flew home the Tuesday before she started on a Wednesday. I didn't get into Sioux Falls until 10 pm that night and had a 3+ hour drive ahead of me. Alone. Exhausted after a conference and evening of flying. Yuck! But I made it!

I guess that's why I didn't have my camera settings correct and nearly all the pictures I took until we got to school looked yucky and too dark! Silly me! Kickin' myself now, but I think we still have a good look at what that day looked like for Grace.

Her and her tired mommy!

We only live a block away from the school! An easy walk today!

My first grader!!!

Her and her teacher

This is Grace and one of her good friends Maggie. Can they be any sweeter together?

Grace is having a great start to school so far. She's loving her teacher and we are getting back into a routine that feels very "normal." Annie isn't too much of a help at home with the homework though - she's always trying to steal Grace's books and pens! :) The joys of being a big sis! Your stuff is the coolest!

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