Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Busy Girls

Annie loved the water at the beach this summer. And yes, this is the beach. It's actually called the island. It's where sometimes the river is low enough to create this island in the middle of the river. Dozens and dozens of boats belly up at the island. People play sand volleyball, grill, and hang out!

And of course Annie is a maniac running all over the place. With clothes or not, she is fearless!

Many wonder why we call her our baby raptor. Well, because she skreeks like one, mostly when she's happy.

And finally, one evening in August Grace asked if we would take her training wheels off. Of course, Cody and I had about a million other things on our to do list that evening. Cody wanted to mow, I needed to get supper ready, the house cleaned, the list goes on and on. But, I thought we'd better do it since who knows when the next time she'd be willing to take them off would be.

So I wrenched on the training wheels, took them off, and headed over to our neighbors sidewalk to the north of us. It's much more smooth and flat over there. I held her arm about 4 times up and down the sidewalk. Annie was cranking at me to help her run around the yard (she wasn't really full on walking/running yet, but was close) so I ran over to walk with her around the yard. Grace was then begging me to get back with her and help her ride her bike - she mostly wanted me to help her get started. She eventually got impatient (weird) and took off on her own - she's been cruising ever since! 

All the while Cody was mowing the lawn. He came over about 40 minutes later and Annie literally began running around the yard, and Grace was riding her bike. I told him that proves how fast the little things in life can pass by!

Super proud of how quickly she picked up on this! It's been a fun summer to watch these girls move MOVE MOVE!!!!

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