Thursday, September 12, 2013

Boat Days

We got out and about on a few boat rides this summer, and let me just say, each one was awesome!

On Labor Day Weekend, we knew that we needed to get in one last horrah of boating and beaching. The Bothun's invited us to beach it with them for the afternoon - so away we went! A few other friends joined us on the beach too and we had a great time enjoying soaking up the sun and tubing!

It was an expensive day for the Richter's and a lucky day for the Missouri River. First, Cody was trying to toss me Annie's hat, it blew out of the boat and into the water. No luck in retrieving. Just cm's away! Then Grace accidentally slipped off the boat (a great lesson for why you need to wear a life jacket!) and both of her shoes went under with her. One popped back up, but the other escaped us. Minutes later we were crusin' along back to the docks and my hat blew off! It immediately filled with water and sunk! BUMMER!

A few weeks ago our great and fun neighbors the Pope's invited us on a boating excursion with them! Grace had a great time. She drove around with Mark, (while I held Annie who was screeching because she was not a fan of her life jacket) and requested the song "Pontoon" dozens of times. The Pope's children are grown so they were complete suckers for her requests - of course!

Learning to drive the rig!

On the 4th of July we took a boat ride with the Larson crew. Just Grace and I went as we had JUST gotten back from the beach when it was time to head over. We knew it would be a late night, and neither Grace nor I had been on a boat ride in Pierre on the night of the 4th of July. We had a BLAST! We had pizza and drinks on the boat and floated down toward the Legion where a band was playing.

City of Pierre from the Missouri River. 

Grace and Andrina checkin' out the water!

Cracks me up how protective of Andrina Grace was!

Heading over to find a spot to watch the fireworks! What a perfect, gorgeous evening it was!

Watching the fireworks on the water was pretty cool! And we all had a great time. The kids were completely tired (as were the parents) by the time we got back to dock, but so worth it! I loaded up Grace into the car and she was sleeping before we even got out of the neighborhood. I had to drive through Fort Pierre to get home, and it was so crazy to me how many people were shooting off fireworks in every direction - I've never seen anything like it! For anyone who LOVES the 4th of July, they should come out and spend the holiday with us! The place to be!

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