Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Birthday Happenings

Thought I would compile one big post on Annie's birthday festivities, that way it will be easier for me to look back at this!
After the whole cake episode, Annie clearly needed a bath. So we got her all cleaned up and then headed back out on the deck for the birthday present opening.

Grace hung out with Nick and Anni one day while I was out of town and we didn't have daycare. Nick and Anni's grandma watched the three of them and was brave enough to take them all to Pottery to Paint. Grace was so thoughtful and kind and chose to paint this birthday piggy bank for Annie and save it to give to her for her birthday. Isn't that sweet? Annie loved it! 

(below is a flashback to mid-August when Grace was painting with Nick and Anni)

Grace was even kind enough to put some money in it to get her started! 

She would have been happy with the kitty card from my parents and this puppy and kitty book Cody and I found. :)

 But she was also happy with the shape sorter, ball ramp, jammies, and hen that pooped chicks as you pulled it along from us too!

And she was obviously beyond excited when she opened this wooden activity cube with all sorts of things to do from my parents. And yes, she even loved every stitch of clothes from them as well. Especially the glow-in-the-dark kitty jammies! Mom knows her too well!

The girls were thoroughly tired (and Poppa too after a long day of chopping trees) and we went inside to wind down for the evening. I love that he gets down on the floor with them and they just pile on top. Snuggle in girls! They are often found disputing over who's Poppa he is. :) Like when a few months ago Annie about had a conniption when Grace tried sitting on his lap when Annie was already there - in church....screaming and pushing and all from Annie! :) 

On her actual birthday, Great Grandma Marcella and Great Grandpa Cecil came down from Onida to celebrate the big day with us. I love that when they come they are totally engaged with the kids. Even neighbor Susie who stopped by with a fun gift for Annie commented to me later that it's just so neat to see them playing on the floor with the kids, or one of the girls next to Great Grandma reading a book. Warms my heart to know that the girls will always remember the time we spent with their Great Grandparents - a pretty cool thing for a kid!

They brought a fun jacket for her for her birthday along with some birthday money. Great Grandpa also added goldfish to the bag! He knows her well, and has been catching up with us and knew that Annie was head over heels for goldfish lately ---- good memory Great Grandpa! And, another kitty card - a big hit! And the bag Great Grandma packed it all in was a favorite too! :)

Her first birthday treat as I mentioned before was a lemon bar! She was completely fascinated by the candle flame and loved hearing us sing to her!

 Love that her eyes are just lit up!

Annie and Great Grandma


And the day after her birthday (Friday) the Bothun Family came over to swim in the pool and celebrate Annie turning one! Thanks for coming over to spend time with us guys!

Again, a photo overload, but I can't get enough of her and this cupcake. She had a football hold on the thing and wasn't letting it out of her frosted slimey hands. Stuffed her face quickly as she knew Mom would be swooping in to take it away before she knew it. Luckily, for her, I couldn't get enough of that cute face she was making with frosting all over her lips!

Nick and Annie

First error of the evening for me = buying Busch Light instead of Coors Light. SORRY SCOTT!
Second error = giving baby cupcake then transporting her to the bath with no shield. I'm a total mom and left this shirt on until I went to bed that night. It's just a little frosting!?

The Bothun's found an awesome toy for Annie! It's an elephant that teaches over 100 words! Sings fun songs and it just really neat to play with. Even Grace is entertained! Score!
(and score with the kitty card too! :) )

All in all, I'd say this little peanut had quite the fair of birthday activities. I hope every year she gets to celebrate at least 4 times! She doesn't even know how lucky she is! However, I can say, that it's been a fantastic year with this little baby girl. She is always so well mannered, happy, and easy going. She's a light in our lives, and her sister's life. Thank you Annie for being such a sweet little addition to our family! We love you!

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