Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Annie is One!

Of course, when a little girl turns one, one party doesn't suffice. You must have at least three parties! We were going to get together with Cody's family for both of the girls' birthdays in mid-August but unfortunately it didn't work out for the whole crew to join us. So, we had three parties, nearly 4! 4 if you count her birthday at daycare! :) Spoiled rotten. She had lemon bars with the great-grandparents, cinnamon roll cake at daycare, a cupcake with the Bothun's, and cake with my parents! SUGAR RUSH! Luckily it was spaced out over a few days!

My creative, handy, and crafty mother made this adorable banner for Annie for her one-year birthday.  I absolutely love it and cannot wait to hang it in her room!

And of course, big sister was so happy to help Annie with her cake. Annie adores her!

Apologies for the crazy number of pictures that are nearly the same, but I love all of her different expressions the sugar was pulling out of her!

I still need to throw her in the white rocking chair in her room and do a few pictures to complete the Monthly Photo Series as well. Hopefully tonight I can get that accomplished.

a few more pictures from my phone:

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