Saturday, August 10, 2013

Relaxing Weekend in MN

For a change of pace, we were able to head to Minnesota without having to rush off to another function, event, or have people at my Mom and Dad's. While I love it when we are able to see so many people in one visit, it's also nice to head over there and just relax and take it easy.

Those kind of weekends are filled with requests for Poppa to take Grace for a gator ride. Constantly. I'm not sure how much gator gas we went through! But Grace can drive the gator on her own now, so she thinks that's pretty fantastic. We were also able to get to my parents neighbors house, I used to nanny their kids. Each time we see them I am amazed that they aren't the size of my children anymore! Crazy!

 This is what this girl lives for during our MN weekends.

Bean and veggie pickin' with Poppa. 

 This old cat Hank is such a lover. He's just an old barn cat that has been around since I was in middle school! Crazy! I love how you can see Remi in the picture about jealous for the attention!

 Fire and party lights!


We had a great time lounging around, sleeping in, going to church, doing a bit of browsing at stores, and just hanging out with the gorgeous weather!

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