Monday, August 5, 2013

Monthly Photos Series - 10 Months

Typical. This post is late. However, these photos were taken nearly smack dab on the nose for celebrating 10 months of life for Miss A!

So keep in mind, these were taken back in the beginning of July/end of June.

Annie has had a great summer and is enjoying learning all the perks to this awesome weather we've been having. She loves going to daycare and hanging out with her friends - and our daycare gal is great - she has the kids outside a lot!

At 10 months Annie is cruising around on the floor like crazy crawling everywhere. She has her favorite toys (which include a prairie dog and a coyote...thanks Poppa) and she loves playing with her big sister. She continues to be a great sleeper and an awesome eater! She loves stroller rides and just hanging out outside. It's been fun to watch her explore the grass, dirt, and bugs! Blondie always has an eye on Little One and makes sure she isn't getting into TOO much!

We painted Annie's toenails for the first time this month also! She continued to battle and struggle with ear infections almost the entire month of June. Poor little lady. At this point she also only has popped two teeth on the bottom. Slowly but surely this girl will be able to eat something crunchy one day!

As usual, photo overload! (I also will be posting an additional post with some black and white photos of the same photos here that I thought were too cute!) I had a hard time getting her to sit still on the chair again this month - so I gave her a book. Should have known better, she didn't want to look at the camera at all, just the book! Oh well, some turned out pretty cute!


10 months jeepers. Actually, now that I actually will be posting this, she's over 11 months! And I haven't gotten the pictures done yet! I'm on it! Tonight....hopefully.

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