Monday, August 26, 2013

Monthly Photo Series - 11 Months

Now this is confusing because these pictures are yet again late. You can blame some hectic travel schedules on my lateness. So, this is from the month of JULY!

July was a fun month for Annie. She spent lots of time in the water - which was a somewhat new experience for her. We had such a cold June, that we didn't get IN the water much. In July, we took a few boat rides (she hated being in her life jacket - A LOT!), swam in her pool at the beach, swam at the beach, and splashed around on the deck too. Lots of splashing! Late in July we were at the Nick's birthday bash at the "swamp" (Adventure Island on the river) and I thought what the heck, I'll just let Annie get on the ground and if she wants to play in the sand she can, and if she wants to get in the water she can.

Holy smokes, that girl BOLTED over to the water and you couldn't keep her out! I wish I had more pictures of just how sandy she was - a MESS! So much fun though.

Month 11 (July) she talks a lot, crawls around like a maniac, and "cruises" along the furniture like a pro. She loves to see the puppy and nearly has a heart attack when she sees a cat! This month we also went to the zoo in Sioux Falls and Annie had a blast there also! She loved the goats! Her favorite things to eat are fresh cut-up green beans, watermelon, puffs, and noodles. Well, she actually loves just about anything she can get her grubby hands on!

Who me? 11 Months? Geez, I'm growing up!

We didn't get a lot of photos from this session. Most of it was spent doing this. Lots of cranking. Asking Grace for more goldfish!


Cutie cutie!

So much has changed with her since these 11 month photos. Like, she's walking! Welllllll running, actually!
I'll be back in a few weeks with the final post in this series. Can't believe this little cutie is going to be one this week! A year ago I couldn't wait for her to be here, now I'm sad that she's growing up!


  1. She is SO DARN CUTE! Were Grace's eyes as sparkly as Annie's when she was a wee one?

    Also I don't know if I've ever told you but I love her nursery. :)

    1. Thanks Rae!

      She is pretty stinkin' cute, huh? Grace's eyes were blue when she was little (they are green now) but they weren't this sparkly, no. Grace sparkle eyes - I love them, and I hope they stick around past baby stage!

      (Thanks for the compliments on the nursery!)


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