Saturday, August 10, 2013

Meeting Natalie Jo

When we went to Minnesota last weekend I was able to meet up with Jena and her new baby girl, Natalie Jo.

Natalie's mom Jena and I along with a girlfriend Hayley were great friends during high school and we've been fortunate enough to be able to stay in touch frequently. Unfortunately, we all live far away from each other so we don't get to see each other often. We try to get together in a middle point either at home or somewhere else at least once a year. Hayley had passed through Pierre in July on their way home from vacation so I was able to see her for a good chunk of time. We had then planned to all go back to Minnesota over the same weekend to get together and meet Jena's new baby. Well, I had the dates wrong and they were in Marshall a week earlier than when I was planning on going.

All was not lost. I had just seen Hayley and she met Annie for the first time. Then Jena was still in Marshall when we went there the next weekend - so we still got to meet her and she met Annie for the first time.

She's a beautiful baby girl. And Jena, of course, she's a wonderful mother and you can see for yourselves that she's just GLOWING. Beautiful! They are both doing great. So happy to snuggle her when she's still a baby! I didn't want to leave her! And I should have known better than to bring my baby-hog daughter and my mother along - I didn't want to share!

Baby lover!

This little one fell asleep in the car on the way. She stayed sleeping nearly the entire time until I made her wake up so she could be introduced!

Jena and Annie

I love both of these. I love that you can see Natalie better in the second and Grace has a better smile in the second...but Annie is lookin in the first!

Nothing is better to me than catching up with people I love. It was great to see Jena and her family and to meet their new little one! Annie loved their puppy and Grace had a great time enjoying the baby and the farm!

(P.S. - Jen - why can't we ever get a picture like this? Lame of us! All we have is us at Subway with kids crawling all over us! Probably because we brave Mom things on our own with all of the kids and never have an adult around to take a picture?!!! Sound typical.)

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