Monday, August 12, 2013


My girls. There's one thing you gotta know about them. The way to their heart is through animals. Especially kitties. I mean, comeon' their Mother slept with a kitty blanket from the day they were conceived. Too much information....but it's in their blood. And yes, if you don't know me that well...I still sleep with a blanket, and it has cats all over it and I've had it ever since I can remember...and I don't go ANYWHERE without it.

For those of you that know didn't even have to read any of that garbage.

Grace. Kitties. Yes back onto the subject. While at Jena's farm Grace fell in love with about 12 cats. She wanted to put them all in her pocket and take them home.

I am just simply adoring these pictures of her loving up on these kitties.

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  1. Just catching up with your blog. Your little girls get more and more beautiful every day. I relate to the cat thing...totally get it! Love the pictures of you and Cody too, especially that one Michele posted of the four of you.


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