Monday, August 5, 2013

Fairy Garden Updates

I thought I would share a few fairy garden updates for everyone. These were updates from about a month ago, and lots has been happening since then, so I'll take some new pictures in the coming days and post another update.

We just love this little plant that looks like a mini tree near the front of the house, and the pail and the watering can are just too cute! See the little green springy thing? That's where the fairy puts the note!

And our little raccoon friend! I believe that Fairy Emily sent this to our garden!

This snoozy old guy lives in the plants - Nana found him in her garden and said that Grace certainly should have him in her garden instead. I think he keeps all the nasty trolls away for the fairys.

This is something that Emily gave Grace when we saw her back in June - I think it might be one of the favorite things in her entire garden. The shell opens and closes and sometimes the fairy will leave a treasure in there!

The gazing ball...AKA golf tee and bead!

Nana sent this awesome bridge for the garden! Pretty fun~

And a wire basket, for awhile it hung on a branch, but the fairies recently brought new things for it to hang on!

We are loving this little miniature garden. It's so much fun to play with, rearrange, and find things for! So glad the fairies come to see us! 

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