Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Birthday Zoo Trip

Grace's only request for her birthday was to go to the zoo. Easy enough! We packed up and headed over to Sioux Falls for an overnight! Cody and I took Grace to the zoo when she was just little - probably less than 2. It was fun to be back and see what has changed. 

This little one was such a trooper! Even though I (again) got sunscreen in her eyes and she was all watery eyed, she had a great time strolling along, checking out the animals and even took a great snooze!

The goats - oh the goats! We decided to hit up the petting zoo pretty quickly so that Little One could enjoy the animals before she crashed. Oh my goodness. She was obsessed with the goats! She made the funniest faces at them and couldn't get enough!

The birthday girl

I love this one of my parents and the kiddos!

The zoo has a pretty neat exhibit for the giraffes. We were able to walk up a slope and be nearly face to face with them! I heard some weirdo say that it was lame the zoo build it that way because you have to look down on them - his glass is obviously half empty! We thought it was great to have this interesting perspective - and to be so close!

See...schnoozing. She was just so relaxed!

The bear was my personal favorite from the zoo. He was just getting active as we were checking him out. Pretty amazing HUGE animal!

After the zoo we buzzed over to the Butterfly House - again, was an item that was all Blondie wanted to do. So we went!

A not so well lit picture of the four of us at the Butterfly House!

Nana even got a butterfly to land on her and we all enjoyed the new touch pool. Grace loved touching the little sharks - but we weren't so successful with the stingrays. They were tired out from a hoard of crowds that were there just shortly before us.

After the Butterfly House we went over to a B&G Milky Way where Little One experienced her first good multiple spoonful tasting of ice cream. She was so in love with it she threw a MAJOR fit when I put it down to get her into her sit. Freaked out actually! I had to sit next to her the whole way to the hotel and give her two bites for every one of mine! Brat!

We got all settled into the hotel and did some swimming at the pool coupled with ordering in pizza and just hanging out! It was perfect! Next morning our LITTLE BLONDIE was going to turn 6!

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