Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Birthday Party at the Great-Grands

Aunt Ashley has a birthday just a few days after Grace's. She was around Pierre for her birthday this year for work, so we all packed up and headed to Onida in between Grace's birthday and Ashley's. Of course, Grandma had a lot cooked up for us, so we didn't go hungry!

Grandma and I thought alike and each had bought a cake for the celebration! There was lots of cake to go around and lots leftover!

There have been lots of meals shared together around this table!

Smiley on her birthday celebration! Thanks Great-Grandma for cooking for us!

Grace had to try out her electric scooter she got from Nana and Poppa for the first time! She did great! We were a little nervous that she was trying it out on gravel for her first few go-rounds. But have no fear, the girl was decked out in a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves! Even she knew she looked like a mega-dork! :)

Mom and Grace riding together. I don't think the scooter was very happy about that situation.

Annie and Great-Grandma!

Great-Grandpa has the task of supervisor under control!

And a few pictures of Annie and Great-Grandma. 

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