Tuesday, August 6, 2013


We've been able to hit the beach a few times this summer. It's been a bit different this summer between the weird late summer weather, Annie being just a baby, and now the weather has already turned more fall like than winter like. 

But here are a few snapshots from the time we have spent soaking up summer on the sand.

We decided to see if Remi would be a good dock dog. Well...for her first time, she did terribly! Seemed to have sunk like a rock! And didn't know how to get back to shore - and thought she should try to get back on the dock! That didn't work! Cody had to run off the dock and back on the beach and call her toward him. That dog....

Momma thought this tent would be a great idea. It was, until she couldn't see what was going on all around her! So she didn't even sit in it! :) 

Between the baby crawling everywhere, the tent blowing in the wind, the dog running over to us and shaking off with cold water and wet sand, and the wasp stinging Grace, let's just say we packed up pretty quickly and headed home! 

Grace of course loves the beach! However, this year she was stung by some black wasp while up above the dam. She was NOT impressed. Each time we would go to the beach after that she would get really concerned about getting stung again - had to really have hurt!

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