Friday, August 9, 2013

Another kind of fairy visited....

We've been having lots of visits from the fairies in the fairy garden...however, another kind of fairy showed up at our house last night. The tooth fairy!

Grace had been dealing with her adult tooth coming in behind her baby tooth for about a month, finally this week it was really starting to be loose. She wiggled it all night and ended up having some pain with it since she was working it so hard. She wouldn't let Mom or Dad pull it out! Cody and I left on date night (hasn't happened in YEARS), and Grandma and Grandpa were in town so they stayed with the girls.

Halfway through dinner we got the notice that her tooth came out! Grandma may or may not have jerked it out of there! :) She know Grace would feel better once it was out - and she was right!

Grace left her tooth in a jar (which was not fully sealed) above her head because she wasn't comfy with it under her pillow (sounds so typical of her!!!)....when she woke in the morning...

The tooth was gone! There was glitter in the jar and they left and envelope with a note and money!



Apparently even the garden fairies saw the tooth fairy! She must not have been very sneaky! :)

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