Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Fairy Garden Update - Surprised & Honored!

I received news on Wednesday that our fairy garden had been chosen as the 3rd place winner in The Magic Onions 2013 Fairy Garden Contest! (link goes to all entries)

To say the least, I was surprised, honored, and so happy for Grace that her little garden was chosen as the third place winner among SO MANY beautiful, unique, and interesting gardens. There were more than 200 (!!!!) entries into the contest, I couldn't believe it!

On June 29th, they featured our fairy garden in one of their posts. (if you click this link you'll find what they wrote about our garden)...The way they described the garden was beautiful - so kind of them to say such nice things about our hard work. The comments from readers on that post were also very kind and inspiring!

THANK YOU Magic Onions for hosting this as a place to share ideas and see other tiny, magical gardens! It has been a treat!

On that note, I also wanted to share a few updates from our garden. Our fairies have been seriously busy getting little tiny things that make Grace's heart light up! They have left dozens and dozens of notes over the last few months. We even have some sneaky fairies that have been coming while we have been out of town (our neighbors are the best!).

Grace is in love with this little place and she's constantly arranging thing in her garden and playing out there. Such a treat to watch! Even my hubby (finally) is on board with the fairy gardening.

When we came home from Grace's birthday weekend the fairies had put up this pennant banner for her birthday and left cookies! (Thanks to the fairy who's name starts with an N and ends with an "ana") 

We had to get a new fairy house because the old (awesome!) one that we build started to fall apart due to us using hot glue to hold it together. The hot glue didn't like the summer heat in South Dakota.

We love this little house for them! We even got the clock, star, and keys to go on this house!
Do you see the lock to the house (below) and the keys nearby?

One day they even brought a fishing pole! They stuck it in this cool jug to be sure to keep on fishin' while they are away. The next night they caught this big fish! 

And our friend and the gazing ball are always moving around the garden

Hanging basket filled with jewels, along with other items....a watering can, wagon, pail with gems and granite rocks around the fence! 

You might spot some ducks in our garden!
Or maybe a birdhouse - or two! 
This blue jay is always hiding in the garden, Grace loves to look for it if its moved! 

And all of our succulents are doing very well and have produced lots of "babies!"

I tried adding some moss to the garden - I can't seem to keep it happy though. Must be the hot temps in South Dakota up on the deck. I love this hen & chick - beautiful colors! Stole it from another pot I have and it made a baby in our garden already.

We thought it was too funny one day when the raccoon and hedgehog showed up at the table. The fairys brought this furniture in & the table cloth too!

A cardinal hides in the grasses near the hanging crystal. Grace got the crystal for her birthday from the fairies.

This silly piggy. He's been hanging out inside the tire swing for weeks!

And I finally got around to staining the wood. I like how the color turned out!
Don't you just want to crawl on in!?

There's a recap of where our garden is today! The plants have grown like crazy and we've added so many succulents, and sedum in - just keeps filling in!

Thank you to all of our fairy helpers who have been collecting things for us - you know who you are!

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