Friday, August 9, 2013

A Day in the Life

Wowzer. Hello! It's me, Annie.

I've been far too busy with baby duties to update this blog thing of Ma's. I already know she posts way too many photos on here already, and share way more information than any of you want to know. But she does it anyway. She says it keeps the Aunties, Grandma's and Nana's happy.

See me do this?

Apparently Mom and Dad get pretty excited about me standing on these feet things that God gave me to stand on. What the heck is so awesome about that? Well, anyway, I do a lot of standing up on my own without having to pull up. Cool, huh? I even have taken a bunch of steps in a row (which is also apparently scream worthy if you ask my Mom). But only when I want to.
 Ya, when I want to. Cuz most of the time they try to make me walk on cue to show off my "new tricks" ....instead I'll just walk on my knees like this instead. Not scream worthy according to Mom. And I overheard Dad saying that if he got around this way he'd snap a knee. Loosen up old fella'!

PS - I love being outside. And see that pool (how could you not) in the backyard? Ya, I love that thing too. Floating is my favorite.

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