Thursday, July 18, 2013

Parade! Poppa's Kind!

The Oahe Days in Pierre might be one of my favorites. For a few "pathetic mom" reasons:
1. It's in the evening in June = not roasting hot
2. It's short. About 10 minutes.
3. We camp out at the beginning = plenty of candy, done fast, and near the car.

The 4th of July Parade in Fort Pierre is pretty impressive. It has to be one of the longest in the state! I was terrible and my girls didn't even know there was a parade over there this year!!!! Terrible! I know. But for a few "strategic mom" reasons:
1. It's from 10-12:30 in July in Fort Pierre along a major highway = blazing hot (no trees)
2. It's long. 10-12:30.
3. It's during Annie's nap.
4. My children do not need candy among all of the other 4th of July treats to send them over the edge.
5. There is no getting out anywhere. Once you're there. You're there.

Anyway, here's the pictures from the Oahe Days parade... and other Oahe Days festivities.

The whole family still screams "POPPA'S KIND" when we see green tractors!
Okay, so Cody maybe doesn't SCREAM it! :) 

I think Annie watched more of the dog next to her than she did the parade.

On Saturday morning, I had to "handle" the mascots during the kiddie parade. A couple co-workers, a few interns, and my kids helped guide the mascots through the kiddie parade route. Unfortunately, it was super hot and muggy - poor mascots!

Wanda and I headed out to corral the mascots!

Thanks to my friend Tara for taking a few of these also!

Work shoulda been paying Grace on Saturday! She guided Teddy (our short intern Jenna) through the whole parade because she couldn't see out of the eyes as the head was too big for her! Miserable!!!!

We hung around the carnival area for a few hours, had lunch, and then departed on our way home. That was after the carny ride that Grace was on broke down - while she was on it. Thankfully it wasn't a crazy ride and it was a simple solution. Jeepers.

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