Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dance 2013 (Part 2 getting ready)

Getting ready...one of the most fun yet stressful parts of dance recital! I never did dance, so I don't think of myself as a great dance mom. But hey, we got the job done.

My beauty!

Annie is clearly helping by being the official "I'll keep track of the headband by putting it my mouth" girl.


Last year, I enlisted my friend Tasha to help me with Grace's hair. It was basically the same thing as what we did last year, Grace insisted that we not try anything else (she doesn't trust me with her hair). I really wanted to do a side pony, it was a no go. Here's last year: 

And Tasha didn't get out of the woods this year either. On Saturday we crashed her house while they were still in their jammies to come over and do hair there too...we had a house showing and had to get out!

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