Monday, May 27, 2013

Monthly Photo Series - 8 Months

The good news is - these photos were taken right around the end of April when Annie was turning 8 months old. The bad news is - I haven't gotten around to posting them yet, and I need to get her 9 month photos done.

Happenings for Annie this month - CRAWLING! She is on the move. Thankfully her only sickness this month was her double ear infection.While it was still not fun to deal with, it certainly wasn't as serious as her sicknesses she has had in the last few month. She's been chewing on everything - but still didn't have any teeth pop through this month. She's eating anything and everything we give her. She's a little puff monster and just burns through them as fast as you can get them on her highchair. She's also loving bananas, pears, peaches cut up.


And hello from Iowa! I'm currently on a bus with the Mount Rushmore mascots - we are just on the interstate coming north from Kansas City. We'll be in Des Moines for two nights before heading east toward Chicago. We began the tour at Mount Rushmore and went to Wall Drug, Pierre, Sioux Falls, Lincoln, Omaha and Kansas City so far. Onward!

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  1. I can't believe she's crawling!!! Miss her tons! Want to smooch her!!


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