Monday, May 27, 2013

Goodbye Kindergarten - Hello 1st Grade

Grace finished up her first year of school this year! She had a great year in kindergarten...I have been so impressed with her this year. All day kindergarten is a big deal for a little girl who still likes a good nap every now and again.

However, I am so happy that we decided to send her this year rather than waiting until next year. She did amazing - I credit of course a lot of that to the school as well, we are very happy with where she's at. She's reading, writing, doing great math, and has learned a tremendous amount this year. I can't believe that she can read stories to me at night - amazing. I love to hear that voice every night.

A couple pictures from her last day of school. Cody and I went and watched their "ceremony" inside the classroom.

Picnic in the classroom. Unfortunately her field day was cancelled due to a rain storm the last morning of school. We certainly welcomed the rain - but were bummed that the event was cancelled.

Grace and one of her good friends, Maggie

Love how she's watching and looking at her teacher.

Mrs. Shaw had the kids walk the "red carpet" prior to handing out specific awards for each kid. Each had a candy theme.

Grace's kindergarten class.

I think the kids enjoyed having Mrs. Shaw.

Heading to first grade!!

Thank you for a great year Mrs. Shaw! I'm sure Grace will never forget you!

And this picture is from the start of the school year. I'll have to take a picture of her outside in front of this tree soon to show a good comparison.

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  1. You know what I love the best about these photos? Her crabby hair. She totally rocks it! Love you Grace!!


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