Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Annie The Spitzer

A couple videos of Annie's eating adventures. There were all taken right around Easter time, so about a month ago. Slow to getting them up here - but they are here. The last minute or so is my favorite part!

A things I think are funny about these videos:
1. Annie looks exactly like Grandma Fran when she smacks her lips! I love that!
2. Cody can't NOT open his mouth when Annie is supposed to open for a bite.
3. I love that Grace is just force feeding Annie and shoving the spoon in her mouth!
4. Again, I love everything about the video when Grace is feeding Annie. I love Grace telling her she's such a mess and wiping her face, I love that Annie squawks at Grace when she wipes her mouth, and I love Annie's deliberate spitting! :)

Next up, I need to get a video on here for Annie crawling. YES, crawling. Crazy girl! I may have said "oh crap" instead of horray! when she started! :)

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