Monday, April 1, 2013

St. Patrick's Day "Damage"

Oh St. Patrick's Day. How my husband hates you (now that he's married to me).

I think St. Patrick's Day used to mean green beers and staying out too late for Cody. Now it just means damage.

Grace woke up on Sunday, St. Patrick's Day to a house full of drama. Immediately, she came racing up the stairs - okay so it was like 8:30 a.m. and none of us had any business to be still sleeping - and was ranting about what the leprechauns did in her room. We all went down to check it out. They had dumped boxes of toys out all over her room, threw her clothes out of her closet, rolled up the rugs upstairs, threw Annie's toys out of her basket, and even hung Grace's shoes and panties from her chandelier in her room! The milk had been turned green in the fridge, the toilet water was green, and they had left out pancake mix and Lucky Charms! All Grace could say was they "caused damage" in our house! Those naughty leprechauns!

Of course, we couldn't have green pancakes without whipped cream - so Grace and I took off to the store to buy some. Well, we must have accidentally left the light on in Grace's room. We came home and something was smelling really weird - after some investigation, we discovered that Grace's panties were burning on her chandelier! Daddy could NOT believe that the naughty leprechaun almost burned down our house. All Mom could say was maybe it was a lesson in turning off the lights when you leave a room....ooopss! :)

Note to self next year - save a stack of pancakes to cool before putting on whipped cream, turns into a drippy melty mess.

Only on St. Patrick's Day are you allowed to blow bubbles into your milk and get whipped cream sprayed directly into your mouth .... and topped with sprinkles.

Oh, and the naughty leprechaun drew green smileys on all of our faces/hands!

We topped the night off with some angel food cake, strawberry. green (all the milk was turned green!) vanilla pudding, whipped cream and sprinkle goodness!

Grace was convinced this leprechaun was the same one that visited her classroom on Friday afternoon.

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  1. Just catching up with your blog. Love reading about your happenings and seeing your beautiful little daughters! Love to you all. Aunt Robin


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