Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pre-Easter Fun!

Hop. Hop. Hoppity hop! The Easter bunny came! And the Easter gifts also streamed in for a few days before the actual day! 

Aunt Erin gave the girls some fun treats like these bunny ears, cool sunglasses, hair accessories, and Grace's favorite - a pen and notepad! Grandma Michele and Aunt Ashley sent some awesome new summer clothes for the kiddos that were much needed. Jen sent along some Easter goodies and even a bow and arrow for Grace - score! Aunt Linda sent a cute little package for Grace with Easter surprises. And my parents stocked up the Easter bunny with supplies and my Mom got the girls some cute glitter shoes. So thank you all!

Pre-Easter festivities...

Annie loves to check Lola out! Lola isn't so fond of Annie though!

And the Great-Grands came over to enjoy an afternoon with us (mostly the girls!) too! They brought huge, fun Easter lovies! Annie is loving her duckie!

We stayed at our house for Easter this year. The girls had both been sickies, Annie had just been super sick and we didn't want to be around too many people. We had been busy every.single.weekend. for 2 months. If we weren't on the road, we were home with sick kids. It was so nice to just stay home and relax.

Saturday we dyed Easter eggs.

Don't worry, we get this look at lot from her. Yes. She's only 5. And yes, we know we are going to have an interesting 20 years ahead of us!

The puff monster watching the action

I love the pictures with the girls and their Great-Grands. And I love the picture of Grace looking at me like "really, Mom?" These are real life pictures and I never want to forget these little moments, and the everyday things in life. I don't have a great memory, so looking back at pictures of Grace when she was little helps me remember the little things. But I need to capture more of them. More of us in our sweatpants with crazy hair lounging our day away together while watching Full House. More of Annie's googy eyes that are so stinkin' annoying, but just so her.

Easter Part 2 - next!

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