Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monthly Photo Series: 7 Months

This little peanut. She's sure a spunky little thing. We just can't get enough of lovin' up on this little princess.

The last post she was on the brink of getting sick. This time, she was in the middle of having a nasty double ear infection. Seriously, the girl has had it all. We're ready for these winter and spring ickies to get ousted from our house. Poor little miss. Can see her watery, tired eyes and her runny nose! This is the name of the game and real life around our house!

Who me? Cute? 7 months? I know, I know!!!

As you can tell from the pictures, she's she inquisitive and curious about everything. She's investigating everything and babbling up a storm. She's finally giggling a bit more often, we still mostly get the wide open mouth with little to no noise!

She's so, so close to crawling. She's pulled herself up a couple of things onto low things like toy baskets/bins,  and cushions. She's eating lots of different foods, and always up for displaying her best sour face when trying something unfamiliar. Her favorites continue to be peaches and carrots, and we've now added squash, pears, and apples to the favorite list. Oh and puffs of course. Little monster devours them!

Still no teeth! Not looking forward to the teething age, especially as she gets older and will probably put up more of a fight.

Her favorite person in the world is her sister. I absolutely am in love with watching the two of them together. So amazing the love they have for each other. Adore.

And a recap of how she's g

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  1. Oh, Miss Annie Kate! You are so very gorgeous and I miss you terribly! Love you!


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