Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Marthaler Visit - Part 3

A lazy day Saturday. Perfect. Exactly what best friends and their kids need sometimes. Jake headed up the kitchen in Myah's room. There were waitresses, bus boys, customers and a princess with a bat!

so much food to prepare too little time...

I love this picture of these two. I love seeing my BFF being a Mommy.

"Rico" the bus boy was taking food right off the customers plates! He's got a whole set of chicken nuggets in there! Riiicccoooo!

And this girl. I love her to pieces. When she gets into something, she totally dedicates herself to it. And I love that about her - I hope that stays with her forever. She's such a sweet girl with the biggest heart of any little girl I've ever met. She's thoughtful, creative, imaginative, and seriously is the prettiest little thing. She's so blessed to be pretty, smart, and kind - a rare combination!

And Miss Annie had a wonderful time watching all the action! She loved playing with all the cool new toys at the Marthaler house too.

My kids were slightly spoiled at their house. Grace got away with not picking up as well as she has to at home, Annie got loads of snuggles, and I was spoiled all weekend too. 

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