Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Marthaler Visit - Part 2

While we didn't have much planned, we got out and about plenty. The first full day we were there we went to the Mall of America. We had lunch and let the kids ride on the rides. So fun to hear those little screams together! 

The second full day we went and got pedicures. I think my favorite part of the pedicure was seeing Grace and Myah together, and Jen and Annie together. Fun!

Seriously. I have the most beautiful friend in the world! She's gorgeous. Most of all she's kind, thoughtful. and funny! And a great Mom. I totally wish we were closer so that she could squeeze my kids more often! 

The girls had their own fancy kids chairs for pedicures! DVD players and all! They are so stinkin' cute together. Each day Grace requested that Jen put her hair in "crabby hair" like how Jen and Myah wear theirs. I'm finally getting somewhat better at it at home, but she doesn't think it's the same as how Jen does. I guess Jen has a lot more practice! :) 

Little piggie toes all dolled up!

What hams these two are with their cheesy smiles!

These two girls are so beautiful! In love with their eyes, smiles and big hearts!

At the Mall of America...

Love these two. And I love Grace and Tyler in the balloon in the background!
Everyone at the Mall probably thought that Jen had two little girls (Myah and Annie) and I had a girl and a boy (Grace and Tyler) with their hair coloring!

And then out to eat at Subway. I totally love these pictures of these girls.

All snugged up on the sofa before we left back to Pierre.
Jen and I don't know what we were thinking. We didn't get any decent pictures of her and I, nor did we get any pictures with all four kids. All that means is that we have to have another visit soon!

....another post to come....

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