Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Marthaler Visit - Part 1

I had had it. I was sick of it. It was an idea that was floating in my head for far too long without action. My baby girls needed squeezes from someone special.

My bestie and I had been apart for far too long and were communicating by emails, texts, phone calls and FaceTime chats regularly. The only time she had met Annie was in the food court in Target for a few minutes. Not fair, not sufficient. So, I booked tickets for the girls and I to fly from Pierre to Minneapolis - Jen lives not too far from there in Wisconsin. I had to spend time with this girl and her beautiful and charming family. 

It was a visit that warmed our hearts instantly. Grace and I talked about it for weeks, and weeks. She even told me she wished I didn't tell her about it until the day we left because she was too excited about it and it wasn't coming up fast enough. 

These two girls were so fun to watch together. They had grown up knowing each other, but not spending nearly enough time together. As you can see in the picture, they are so happy to be together. They played so well together. They are so alike, yet so different. As Jen and my mom said, what could you expect, that's exactly how Jen and I are. So much the same, yet so different. Jen and I are convinced that this is exactly how her and I would have been if we would have been friends at this age - with some minor differences. Our daughters are spitting images of us. Even though Jen is older than I am, I would have still been taller. Today Jen would do anything to not wear a dress but her daughter lives in them. Grace constantly is in a jeans and a tee, but I wear dresses to work almost daily.

They just about lived in these "getting married" dresses, crowns, and veils the entire long weekend we were there. One thing they both adore equally is dressing up.

Annie and those eyes. Those eyes are so bright and blue, yet almost always have gunk in them since she has clogged tear ducts still. I long for the day when that clears up.

Poor Tyler, totally surrounded by girls. What a trooper he was all weekend. He had to share his toys with a baby who was shoving them in her mouth every other minute. However, there were a select few that he understandably just couldn't part with - it was fun to see how long Annie could play with those few without him noticing!

What! The HULK is attacking! 

Yes, even the Hulk is man enough to wear glittery shoes. Duh! Super power shoes!

And yes, the Hulk can totally sport fairy wings too. 

This little man, adorned in a Hulk costume LOVED Annie. "Bebe Annie." I love how sweet he was to her. He kissed her, caressed her hair, patted her back, and gave her love. So sweet.

I can't describe to anyone how good it felt to have my kids in my best friends lap. She cares so much for my kiddos and I, that to see her with them warmed me up! She's so good to us. She's Annie's Godmother (fairy godmother actually) so to see them together is extra special. I love that she loves my kids as much as I love hers. 

We got to paint nails one night. To me, for Grace, this is what a Mom's best friend is for. The simplest thing like Jen painting Grace's nails (and seeing Jake right there in on the action) warmed me up. Gave me butterflies. So wish I could just send Grace bee-bopping over to their house anytime for these little moments.

We had no plans for the weekend going into our trip. Just to hang out together and just be. I can't "just be" with just anyone. It takes a special friendship to be able to get up stay in your pajamas with no make-up on, without showering, brushing your hair or teeth, and to just be grungy together. That's true friendship to me.We didn't have to have a thousands things planned, we didn't have to go go go, just being together was the sweetest.

A few more posts to come on our visit....

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