Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kindergarten Notes

Our little kindergartner is quickly wrapping up her official first year of school. Crazy how fast that year went. Between her first year in elementary school, and Annie's first year of life, we were pretty busy. 

Grace has really been excelling in her reading and writing this year. I have been very impressed with the curriculum and teacher she's had. It's been amazing to see her blossom, she's pretty proud of herself, for good reason!

These were too cute not to share. I'll translate underneath. She did a pretty good job. 

Dear Dad, Thank you for giving me breakfast he gives me cereal and gives me a frosting granola bar. I love the frosting granola bar. I love you I know you love me too. From Grace. 

Dear Annie, Thank you for giving me sloppy kisses. I love you. I love to play with you. I really love you! I know you like to play with me. From Grace. 

So, we the letter to Cody one day, the next day we got the letter to Annie. They were so sweet. Melted our hearts! Until the next day, we got this letter:

Dear StepMom, I miss you a lot you're out of town. I hope you come home soon, come home, come home. I hope you bring me a surprise. Love Grace.

What the heck!? Stepmom? Haha! We were baffled by what she was thinking here, and yes, I was a little sad because I didn't get a sweet letter like Cody and Annie did. I didn't rub it in to her TOO hard! :) A few days later, I picked up some of her classmates and Grace and transported them to and from a play at the middle school. A few days later I got this: 

Dear Mom, Thank you mom for driving us. Love Grace. Thank you, you are my best mom. Thank you, you have the best daughter.

STILL! Haha, I'm her "best mom" hopefully her "stepmom" isn't better than her Mom! And thanks, I'm glad to know that I have the best daughter! What a silly goon we have! 

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