Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter 2013

My parents were in town at our house for Easter weekend. We kept it pretty low key and stuck around the house, cruised around the country side on a drive, and kept it simple.

Easter was so early this year, it was hard to be outside and enjoy spring! So, the Easter bunny kept it simple too and hid eggs in the house. He also may have brought ridiculously full Easter baskets.

He also left a little tiny bowl of Jelly beans with a note instructing Grace to plant the beans in the yard for a special surprise. 

My Dad was the only one of the adults willing to brave the brisk morning. And I was a bit worried the ground was going to be so hard that they wouldn't be able to get a bean in the ground! But, they did!

More treats from the Easter bunny! These things were strange!

So exciting!

That stinkin' Easter bunny must have some stock in John Deere! The girls loved their pink and green JD shirts!

And off to church we went...

Love this one of my parents and the girls.
Watch out Wiggle Grandma and Grandpa - your turn is next!!! (I know Michele is giving me evil eyes through the screen! :) )

When we came home - we found an interesting pinwheel in the yard leading us to the backyard. Our magic jelly beans had sprouted into lollipops and sparkley sticks! Amazing! 

Grace and my Mom decked out the table for me with these beautiful flowers (topped with a jelly bean of course) while I cooked up some lunch.

And Annie's is topped with a puff!

(Poppa's is yellow and green of course)

All the while this googy eyed child ate puffs!

So that was our Easter! We hope you all had a great holiday too.

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