Friday, March 1, 2013

Upstairs Bathroom

When we moved in, our bathroom upstairs was certainly functional, and had some nice features. But there were always a few things that bothered us. There was also a major molding problem with the window which was placed inside the shower - whoever installed that window didn't stop to think that a wood framed window might not be the best option INSIDE a shower.

This is actually the downstairs vanity, but the upstairs one was very similar. I painted that a fresh, funky green color a long while back.
Which left us with this...Still the black counter top, white faucet, and other things in the bathroom needed help. The mirror in here was also tiny. It basically hung slightly above the sink and was just large enough to see your neck and face.
There were some good things going on in here we wanted to stick with. The tile on the floor and surrounding the shower was the primary highlight of the room. We needed to replace that window, and install a fan to went out some humidity. So we did. And it was a project. Through a fluke of events, we ended up scoring our Pella window at a great price. 

Here's the window, nothing fancy, but it certainly won't mold! Was quite the process to get it installed.  He helped us with installation of our fan too. Then to figure out how to use the few piece of existing tile to finish it. We just barely had enough. We wanted to tile the "sill" but didn't have enough so something else. Turned out nicely, and it's great to be able to actually open it (the other was crusted shut).

We replaced the counter top and sink, got a new faucet and shower fixture, added some towel hooks and updated our shower curtain and rug. Felt so good to have that those fresh pieces.
Cody and I also hung a new mirror (also a process) and built a frame to go around it. 


We grabbed some pine wood, stain, and a hammer and started beating up the piece of pine. We used a hammer, screw, chain, and a few other pieces of metal laying around. We assemble the framing and used some screen molding around the edges to help "finish" it. We like how it turned out. It let us maximize our mirror, yet get a framed piece up there also. Ideally, I would have liked to go a little thicker, but didn't want to lose mirror either.

There are still some finishing touches I'd like to complete in here like adding some artwork above the stool, and I'm always in the market for fun, funky towels. For now, I'm satisfied and content.

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