Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sister Love

For the longest time I couldn't imagine my life with more than one child. Grace was it. She was a little shining star who ran every show she was ever a part of. Even when I was pregnant I couldn't imagine having another kid. Probably because we just had Grace for 5 years. But now, I couldn't imagine life without another little one around.

And I especially wouldn't want to give up Grace's wonderful way of being the best big sister around. Annie has such a special love for Grace, she could be super crabby, but Grace can always make her happy again. A sister isn't something that I could ever imagine my own life with, I have always been happy to be an only child. But Grace, she's different. And I'm glad she gets to be a sister. 

These were taken on my phone, so the quality is a bit low. Seems that since Annie has been sick, I've been lazy with our camera and picture taking. Apart for random moments around the house. I'm happy to have my phone to capture some of these little things.

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