Monday, March 18, 2013

Simple Saturday's

We love it when we get a rare opportunity for a "simple Saturday." They come few and far between for our busy little family. They are the days when showers/baths are optional and sweatpants are a must.

It was great having a simple Saturday this last weekend. Annie was on the mend for her sickies and Grace was worn out from a long week at school.

Tiny sneaks. Annie was an exception to the sweatpants rule. She hadn't been out of jammies for more than a week!

The girls all snugged as bugs in Momma's bed for an afternoon nap.

My heart is full. My life is blessed. Cody and I love these two little people more than we ever thought possible. Seeing them together, wrapped in each others arms and happy as could be warms our hearts. So blessed!

This last weekend when we took Annie out for some fresh air, some good friends of ours met up with us at the hoppin' Pierre Mall. Nick and Grace share birthdays, Nick is just one year older. These two are hilarious together. His mother and I may already be arranging their marriage (since their wedding is halfway planned already) or at least making sure they are prom dates! It's funny, because they actually look like they could be siblings/twins.

Good thing that Annie isn't moving around yet, because Anni, Nick and Grace have taken up all the room in this little toy at the mall. Crammed in there! Tasha, their Mom, is a good friend of mine. She was so kind to us when Annie was sick. Grace even checked out their daycare for a day (ours was closed, and it was ncie to be able to send her somewhere where she knew a couple kids) and hung out at their house for an evening. Was so nice to be able to call on them when we needed help.

This is what the weekend is for. To relax, unwind, and enjoy each others company.

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