Friday, March 1, 2013

Sick Baby

I've haven't been around here too much lately. And to be honest with you, I haven't had my nice camera out in nearly a month. Yikes. Luckily, I've always got my phone at hand.

Not so luckily, a few weeks ago Annie came down with a super nasty bout of Influenza A. We, and the doctors, were surprised she had it, but likely because we caught it early. Trust me when I say it was 6 days that I don't want to relive. She was miserable, completely, scary miserable. She was getting to the point where she was almost lethargic and couldn't keep her head up. We got lucky, and all she wanted to do was sleep. Made our days of dealing with the worst of it a little bit easier. Her and I spent A LOT of time in the rocking chair for 6 days.

Here's some random photos from around that time...

Just wanted to stay snuggled in bed with mom!


Between administering fever reducer and tamiflu by syringe and trying Pedialyte and water in her bottles, she did NOT trust us to feed her. Which complicated things even more with her loss of appetite and stuffy nose that made it hard to drink. So, this was our trick. Position her in this thing, turn on a cartoon, and sit behind her. We could NOT let her see us or she would refuse to eat. 

On the brink of getting better. There is nothing that makes Annie smile faster than her sister. As you can see, I was even resorting to having Grace try to feed her.

Everytime we thought she was getting better, we would get yucky again.

And sleep it off.

We thought she was getting better one day, she was trying so hard! See how terrible she still looked? Trying to get back to herself!

She's coming back!!!

And finally, after days upon days, she was STARTING to feel like herself. I would say she didn't get back to herself until two weeks later. Nasty, nasty stuff. 

:) She does love her neb, thankfull!

Thank you to everyone who supported us when she was sick. We had lots of thoughts coming our way, which made me feel so much more comfortable.

I was quite the Momma Bear protecting this little thing. She rarely left my arms, let along my sight! We're so glad to have Annie back to herself. Now, HAND SANTIZER...I'm practically drinking it (and none of the rest of us got sick, including my in-laws who were staying with us for the worst of it.)

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