Thursday, March 21, 2013

Momma Bear

Those of you without kids: Glory in the days when you use your sick leave on yourself. And use it. Those of you with kids: Bank your days as much as possible, and power through work even when you're feeling your worst. You get it.

Even though Momma didn't have many (if any) sick days left after using them for maternity leave and then taking care of Little One when she had Influenza A, a Momma just can't leave her sick littles. Momma Bear comes out. I have a more than capable husband that I can count on, but when they are so sick, I just can't let them go.

These were taken toward the end of her nasty brochiolitis road. She was nearing recovery, but still not well. I loved her little expressions in each of them.

There is no healing like healing in the arms of your Momma, Momma's make everything right. That's why I was so happy that Cody's mom could be there with us when Annie had Influenza A, and why I was elated that my Mom could come and help us when Annie was in the hospital with bronchiolitis. It's good to have Nana/Grandma around to help with the family stresses of having sick children. They help take care of Cody and I, the house, Little One, and most of all - have helped give Grace some of the attention she needs when we are focusing on sickie.

These are pictures that I love. I love that I'm in them, because it doesn't happen often. I love that she's clingy to my side. And I love that I have them for my own memory.

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