Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Little Miss Picky

This girl. She is everything I didn't expect her to be. I thought Grace would take the lead and this one would sit back and relax. I thought she'd be my bump on a log. I thought she'd go with the flow. Nope. She's making sure she's in the limelight too. And that makes me happy and proud.

She's the one who's bottle can't be too cold or too hot. It's gotta be just right. She's a picky little eater so far, primarily enjoying peaches, carrots and now pears. Everything (even her favorites) get a sour face upon the first few bites. No water in a sippy, no fun flavored pedialyte in a bottle or sippy (not warm or cold) when she was sick. Nothing. Stick to the basics Ma.

I caught a few pictures of her trying to figure out finger foods. She could get them in her fingers, but was pretty confused once she picked them up. She couldn't figure out where they went anymore.


She's such a petite little peanut, that I'll give her anything she'll take. Stinker. Hoping once she gets some teeth she can start exploring more foods! Avocados are next on my list, mostly because they are one of my favorites! Quac from leftovers anyone? Yes please!

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