Friday, March 1, 2013

Backroom Project

Why is it that some projects seem to go on for months and months? Oh, because around our house they usually do! Back when we moved in, we tried working with what we had in the backroom. Pegboard walls, no sheetrock on the ceiling, no trim, and tons of cabinets that took up too much space in this room. It was time to move on.

Cody thought at the beginning of August, we could hammer this thing out in just a weekend or two. Wrong. To his defense, I decided I wanted a closet built, and I wanted beadboard around the walls. Primarily because as you can see in the second picture, we had a cement wall we had to work around. Sure we could paint it the same color as the walls, but it would still be a cement wall. 

To our "surprise" the project went on longer than a weekend or two. In fact, we were still working on sheetrocking the night I went into labor with Annie. Ya, that was the end of August. And needless to say having an infant around doesn't expedite any projects timeline.

So, we painted trim, installed door jams and new light fixtures, and hung a couple curtains in front of the washer and dryer. Instantly felt more like a room even though the finishing touches weren't complete. And I have to keep reminding myself, this is a utility room, mudroom, and the place where our dog eats and sleeps. It's not going to be fancy.

A few weeks ago, we "wrapped up the project for good." As Cody knows, I use that term loosely. There is always something...Like painting the exterior doors. They will eventually be a different color...tanish I'm guessing.
This used to be the same space as the very first photo (need to get the outlet cover install still).
Closed turned out nicely!

This is fun artwork to have in the room. Cody's mom took these pictures this fall, and give them to Cody in this awesome "standout" format for Christmas. They have such a nice metallic finish on them also. Remi's bed goes beneath these prints.

This door leads into the downstairs family room. Behind the curtains are the washer and dryer. I so wanted to install one of those sliding barn doors. Turns out because of the placement of the washer and dryer (can't be moved for other logistical reasons with utilities) it wouldn't have worked. 

As noted before, I have to remember it's still a utility room. So these "friends" of ours are stuck here hanging out in the open. Compromise! 

Up-close view of the beadboard and trim. This is my favorite part of the room. It really freshened and brightened the whole room up. 

Another favorite piece - my parents built this for us. It's already been put to the test with backpacks, coats, dance bags, purses galore hanging from it! Holds up well! This hangs on the wall above the cement, which the beadboard concealed nicely. We just used some liquid nails and got the job done!

Oh, and this is a fairly new addition to the room, new enough that I didn't get photos of it when I took the shots of the room. Remington's bed. She loves it. Cody and I built it together, and I love how it turned out. More details later...for now, a cute picture of Remi modeling in her bed. 

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  1. I love it! I'm so jealous! My laundry room is at the top of my list but I've found with a new baby it's kind of hard :) hehehe Hope all is well with you!


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