Friday, March 1, 2013

Around the House

Again, haven't had my camera out in ages, but I've taken a bunch on my phone lately. Just a random assortment of photos from around the house in the last month. 

Toezies watching TV together.
Chas came over and spent some time with us. Grace has always liked him, but she was extra "interested" in him this time. 

So much so that when Valentine's Day rolled around she wanted to give him a Valentine.

I adore how she crossed out the word "From" and substituted "Love." !!!!! Adorable.

Valentine's Day fell on the week that Annie was sick. But Grace had a ball opening a few packages from Jen and Great Aunt Linda. Grandma Michele found the girls some cozy pants, cute outfits, chocolates and flowers for Mom and Dad! Here's Grace opening her loot from Aunt Linda...they even found the sunglasses that had been missing at their house for 9 months! She was ecstatic! 

One Saturday, we went to a show at the high school put on by performer Phil Baker.  Grace was sooo excited to go because on the Friday afternoon before, he performed at school. We met up with a bunch of friends, and saw many more friends there that we knew.

Aren't these girls ADORABLE together?

Grace was even on the front page of the paper! You can see her "throwing snow" in the background.

It was "SNOWING!" inside!

Trying on sunglasses! She wanted to send this one to Dad! Love it.

Annnddd, then there is Lola. I put this sunflower out on the deck in hopes of attracting our neighborhood blue jays to our deck. Instead...I got our neighborhood squirrel who loves to torment our cat.

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