Friday, March 29, 2013


Grace used to call icecream "ah-beak" when she was little. Looks like Annie has her mothers taste when it comes to ice cream. Must. Have. More.

I made some chocolate malts the other day and Annie thought they looked really interesting. And she's at the stage where everything MUST go into her mouth to learn about it. Must taste it. Full on engulf it into her mouth.

Well she didn't get a taste of the malt, but she had a good shot at spilling it all down the front of her jammies (right after bath). Oh, and excuse the crazy hair - immediately after bath she always looks so crazy haired! Or lack there of on the back side still!


What do you mean to tell me this milk comes from a cow...and not a can of powder?
Cows milk?

I'll be back with more soon. We are getting home from a weekend in Wisconsin with my bestie. It was the best time. Sneak peek - we spent a long weekend with these guys. She's the most beautiful friend, mother and wife I know! Love her! I'll be back with a longer post about our visit soon.

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