Monday, February 4, 2013

Lutefisk and Meatballs

I think my lack of posting lately is due to feeling too far behind again...remember around Thanksgiving and Christmas when I blasted away at the posts? That was in hopes of catching up enough that I could just slow and steady chug along without ever being overwhelmed. That lasted a whole month. Anyway...

I received an email from someone at church asking for help in preparation for the big meatball and lutefisk dinner that our church serves to around 200 people in the community. There were some 150 pounds of meat that needed to be balled, and some fish to be prepared. The email stated that there was a group of men who have been putting on the supper for years - and it was a great opportunity to meet some new people.

So, Grace and I loaded up in the car and headed down there while Annie and Cody snuggled on the sofa. When we got there, we were some of the first to arrive. Slowly but surely, several men that have been long-time members (that's a polite way of saying men that are around my dad or grandpa's age) of the church started trickling in. Mostly to prepare the fish...and I think mostly for the tradition and social aspect of the deal. Grace and I stayed tried and true on the meatball rolling. It turned out that it was just Grace and I among this group of men who have been putting on this supper for years.

We sure enjoyed getting wrapped up in their love and passion, hearing stories, and getting picked on. I think they really enjoyed the company of my Little Blondie. These are the type of men that you  need in your life. The guys that you can call on for just about anything at any hour and they'll be there for you. One guy was even Cody's first basketball coach in about the 3rd grade. Pretty cool to see him getting a rise out of Grace now too.

And so it went. The guys convinced Grace to have her first taste of lutefisk. All I can say, was that she was NOT impressed. But it was cool that she tried. And she likely could tell all of her friends at school about it and would be one of the only ones who had tried it.

Grace and the lutefisk makers. 

Grace and the meatballers

I'm glad we went. And I'm glad to have had this experience while these guys. I hope that we can be "regulars" at the preparation and that Grace will continue to volunteer with me!

Here is a link to the story that the Capitol Journal did on the preparation for the meal.

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  1. What a doll in her blue tights next to all those men! You're a great Mama for teaching her to volunteer!


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