Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Half Birthday

When we were in Minnesota celebrating Christmas with my Dad's side of the family, Grace had her "half birthday." January 21st. They celebrated it at school since she has a summer birthday and her teacher told her that on Sunday she would be 5 1/2! Exciting! A big deal to add that half in there, and now, you bet when someone asks how old she is, she includes that 1/2!

My Mom and I whipped up a half birthday cake for her, which was literally half a cake. And, being a girl after her mother's heart, she asked why she didn't get a whole cake! Thata girl.

Here's my sleepy-eyed 5 1/2 year old on her half birthday with her half of a cake. 

And typical, at Nana's donuts AND cake were served for breakfast without second thought.

I have a feeling that half birthday cakes will be a tradition in the family from here on out! (Mostly because it's a great excuse to have cake for breakfast a few times a year!)
Can't believe she's almost 6! Insane!

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  1. What a fun idea! I should try that since mine are both in the winter around holidays! She looks very happy!!


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