Friday, February 8, 2013

Family Time

For several years now, it's a tradition with my Dad's side of the family to have Christmas in January - there are several reasons why this works best, and it's always a good, and yes, crazy time. Here's majority of the crew: 

Growing up I was really close to these family members. I had cousins right around my same age, and they were more like siblings to me than cousins. I spent a lot of time with them and enjoyed every minute of it. As we've grown, we don't get to see each other nearly enough. Christmas time (in January), weddings (we're about done with that business) and now we've been doing a yearly summer gathering as well. 

The fun part is this next generation. My kids and my cousins kids. My grandparents great-grand kids. And it's funny because so far there are ALL GIRLS! In total, my Grandma and Grandpa have 7 great-granddaughters. I'm not sure who is going to break the cycle with a boy, but it won't be me! Needless to say, these girls LOVE to get together. 

Evie and Annie

Grandma and Evie

My girls with Grandma and Grandpa

Annie and Great Grandpa Wally
Annie and Great Grandma

My Dad and his siblings

The girls had way too much fun!!!  

Grace, Elyse, and Ava were all born in 2007. Brianne, in the blue is turning 9 this year. They have a blast together! And, yes, I know my daughter is something else - quite the diva. 


Young and old. Love these hands together.

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