Sunday, February 24, 2013

Annie Giggles

We captured Annie's VERY first ever giggles around Christmas time on video and shared them here. She would give us some "laughs" that sounded more like a dog panting since then...however, a couple weeks ago (before she got sick) we captured these giggles that make my heart melt.

If you're only going to watch one, the first one is the one to watch. However, for those Grandma's, Aunties, and other close friends and family out there who read this blog, I wouldn't want to deprive you and only share here's three fun videos of my giggly girl.


Love these little laughs!
Can't wait to hear more from this little peanut.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lola vs. Grace

Our kitty cat Lola likes to play games with Grace. She's a pretty funny cat in that she loves to play constantly, but isn't so much a lovie-dovie animal, unless it's at night and she wants to use you for a warm body. As you can see, this video is a bit old, as the Christmas tree is still up. But here's a typical Lola vs. Grace "dance."

Saturday, February 9, 2013

First Bites

A few weeks ago we started Annie on some cereal. Here's the photos that documented those firsts tastes...

Preparing - getting used to the spoon, liked the spoon a lot more before there was weird gooey stuff on it!

So far she's had oatmeal and rice, bananas, and carrots. Carrots and oatmeal are her favorites so far - but still takes a bit of patience on Mom's end to get the job done. There is a lot of tongue action spitzing out the cereal!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Monthly Photo Series - 5 Months

Who me? Five months already? I can't hardly believe it either.

Can't believe how fast this little peanut is growing! However, she's a petite little thing! This week she only weighed in at 14 pounds 4 ounces! She's quite fun these days, always smiling, always kicking, always got her head turning to see where she's at. She has rubbed quite the little bald spot into the back of her head - almost looks like someone took a razor to her poor little head! Her laugh is pretty funny, is more like breathing really hard, and sometimes we'll get a giggle! It's pretty cute because she always has a smile for anyone - she basically will stare at you until you smile at her - then she gets really excited and smiles back! 

An an outtake! See that fluffy kitty paw trying to bat at Annie? Not sure when she thought she needed to go after her, but she did! Then quickly darted away. Weirdo.

There were taken at the end of the month, posting just got delayed! We'll be doing this whole thing again before you know it!

Family Time

For several years now, it's a tradition with my Dad's side of the family to have Christmas in January - there are several reasons why this works best, and it's always a good, and yes, crazy time. Here's majority of the crew: 

Growing up I was really close to these family members. I had cousins right around my same age, and they were more like siblings to me than cousins. I spent a lot of time with them and enjoyed every minute of it. As we've grown, we don't get to see each other nearly enough. Christmas time (in January), weddings (we're about done with that business) and now we've been doing a yearly summer gathering as well. 

The fun part is this next generation. My kids and my cousins kids. My grandparents great-grand kids. And it's funny because so far there are ALL GIRLS! In total, my Grandma and Grandpa have 7 great-granddaughters. I'm not sure who is going to break the cycle with a boy, but it won't be me! Needless to say, these girls LOVE to get together. 

Evie and Annie

Grandma and Evie

My girls with Grandma and Grandpa

Annie and Great Grandpa Wally
Annie and Great Grandma

My Dad and his siblings

The girls had way too much fun!!!  

Grace, Elyse, and Ava were all born in 2007. Brianne, in the blue is turning 9 this year. They have a blast together! And, yes, I know my daughter is something else - quite the diva. 


Young and old. Love these hands together.

Baby, Baby, Oh Baby Boy

When we moved to Pierre, I didn't know many people. Shortly after moving in, as many good neighbors do, a lady named Susie came over with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and introduced herself to us. Little did I know that there would be MANY, MANY more cookies, baked goods, jellies, and meals to come. I also didn't know that such a wonderful friendship would develop with our neighbors. Now, I don't often refer to them first as neighbors, but first as friends, who happen to be our neighbors.

They are just truly great people. The kind of people that everyone needs in their life. The kind of people that I especially needed in my life after moving to a place where I didn't know many. After about a year and a half of living here, because of my friendship with Susie and her family, I finally felt safe.  Cody traveled some for his job, and I always had this feeling of fear, aloneness, and panic that if something did happen, I wouldn't have anyone to call. Our friendship with Susie and Todd meant a sense of calmness for me. I knew I could call them if I ever needed ANYTHING. And we did. Several times.

About a year ago, Cody was out of town, Grace wasn't feeling well, and didn't want to go anywhere. I didn't have any medication for her. So I called Susie. Susie wasn't home, but Todd was. Grace pretends to be shy of him. Todd came over to my "rescue." Of course, within minutes after me leaving to run to the store, my sick lethargic child was running around the house because Todd O. was there. "Super sick," puhlease.

And most recently, in August, we called Susie at 1:00 in the morning to come and stay with Grace while Cody and I went to the hospital when I was in labor with Annie. She slept at our house, got Grace ready for school, and Todd O. brought Grace to school. Per Grace's instructions, he even parked his pick-up and walked Grace around to the back of the school "just like Daddy." The kiddos sure had looks for Todd! Especially since he's a big tall guy!

But it's not just the big things. It's the little things. The things like bringing goodies over for us. Inviting us for dinner. Being able to stop over anytime just to say hi. Having a drink on their deck. Helping us with projects around the house. Lending us tools, countless tools! We always joke that it's nice to have "established" neighbors when our poor youngins' don't want to go out and purchase tools, ladders, etc.

My long story about Susie and Todd O. is over. However, I wanted to make sure all the things about Todd O. and Susie are remembered.

Their daughter Kelsey was expecting her first baby - a boy! So, I threw a shower for her and the little man. She was a few days overdue, and we didn't know it, but her body was beginning to battle a serious infection. I'm so glad that she was able to stick it out for the shower and I was able to host it. Hosting a shower for Susie's daughter was one little thing I could do for all the big things she has done for us. A quick look at the evening...

Kelsey was having a Pooh theme for her baby boy's nursey. So my menu included Veggies from Rabbits Garden, Tigger Tea (mock champagne), Eeyore Tails (pretzel rods dipped in blue/white almond bark), Bacon Wrapped Piglets, (little weenies), and Pooh's Pineapple Pie. Oh, I also made some spicy "Evict The Baby Chip Dip" since Kelsey was overdue.

Kelsey and Matt's sister

Friends and neighbors

Kelsey, Dean, and the Grandma's (Susie is on the left)

Kelsey checking out the scrapbook Susie had made for her

Susie and Kelsey's Aunt Peggy

The crew, minus a few that had to leave early..
Don't mind my children, Annie's searching for me and Grace is doing her hair. Nice girls.

Dean certainly made his arrival distinctly! Both him and Momma are healthy now and at home. Thank God. What a little blessing.

A few pictures from Susie of the new arrival...

We're happy for Kelsey, Matt, Todd and Susie. And we're so grateful to have them in our lives! If we ever move, I'm making sure my house has a guest house that they can move into. They MUST go with us.