Friday, January 4, 2013

Monthly Photo Series: 4 Months

Someone is 4 months old already!!!

One thing that we've noticed about Annie since she was born is she's always got her lips or tongue moving. Especially now that she's beginning to find her feet, hands, toys and blankees. Always has to be busy! This month she enjoyed going to her first basketball games, her first Christmas, going to sister's Christmas programs, and really getting into the baby stage and out of infant stage. She loves to "stand" on our legs or anything we put her on, and always has to be up and moving and near the action. She's a mover! I was hoping she'd be my "bump on a log" since Grace is so busy - I might be out of luck and have one that just tries to keep up!

She's squawking and squeaking so much! I love hearing that little voice of hers.

Two big things she's doing constantly this month. Playing with her toes and sucking her fingers!

There were way too many cute pictures from this little session we had with her. I'll be back to post more. Really captures where she's at right now - and my assistant Grace helping generate smiles!

I also made this cute little chandelier for Annie's room. I'm really loving it!

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