Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lazy Christmas Vacation Days

I was lucky enough to be able to take off several days when Grace was out of school. I loved being able to stay home with the girlies. Lots of people have asked what we did while home together...

We slept in too late. We stayed in our jammies too long. We ate junk food. We finished off our Christmas goodies supplies. We didn't clean the house. We didn't make lunches for Daddy. We napped. We shopped. We played with new Christmas toys. We watched movies on the sofa way too many times.

But it was perfect. We didn't get get a lot accomplished around the house, but I didn't care (I really had to convince myself not to care!!!).

Here's a look at some of our lazy girly days.

1. We fancied up Grace's American Girl Doll hair.
2. Grace and Annie snuggled on the sofa lots. Annie is at a fun age where Grace can now hold her on her own, and Annie LOVES it!
3. Annie stayed busy in her exersaucer.
4. We took naps. And "Callie" was always snuggled up to Grace.
5. Lazy days!
6. Bringing Mommy back to her childhood with the Guess Who! games!
7. We stayed in bed with our jammies on and snuggled until late into the morning.
8. Read fairytales with Daddy after he was done hunting on the weekends.
9. Snuggle faces
10. Remi was even involved in sofa time. I think she loved having us home all day. Her and Grace are fun together!
11. Mommy and Grace time while Annie catnaps!
12. Watching movies and Full House.
13. Loves these babies of mine.
14. Dressed up in a creepy wig with lipstick on! Eekk!
15. The Furby totally freaks me out - knows what too much. It's hilarious though.
16. Christmas evening the O's came over and we played dominoes all night! It was so much fun, lots of laughs.

I have another post on crayon melting and easy bake oven baking! Grace had a blast.
(Most of these were from our Instagram feed, but I wanted them documented over here on the blog too!)

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