Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Grace's New Room

Back in August Grace got a new bedroom downstairs since Annie was coming and a better place for baby was next to Mom and Dad's room. Grace was really nervous about it at first, but what made her feel most comfortable about it was that we put her own monitor down there so if she needed something she could just call for us and we'd hear her.

Before she moved in we worked on painting the walls green, with one accent wall pink. We freshened up the space by painting a new coat of white on the ceiling and in the closets. Ahhh! What a difference!

I have a yellow metal bed frame that goes down here too, but a neighbor friend is helping us get it situated for her bed and we just haven't gotten around to getting it done yet. Soon!

The view when you first walk into her room.

This area is a little nook to the left of her bed. The space worked out perfectly for this IKEA bookshelf. I love having all of her toys organized into the boxes.

I have a picture that Grandma Michele took of Grace and Annie in mind for this frame. 
I love how her special things, her books of all kinds and all her toys are housed in this space.

Where my princess rests at night!

My mom and I found this canvas at a store in Minneapolis when we were there in July. It was a perfect match for Grace's room!

We also found this adorable chandelier! It was a must for Grace's room! We had some difficulty installing it since it was meant for taller ceilings and I didn't want to relocate where the light hung in the room with the chain it came with. With the help of our neighbor, we got the job done!

And the other corner of her room is her closet, kitchen, and backpack/coat hanging area.
I must admit she does a pretty good job keeping things organized. Must have passed down a little gene, either that or she knows that I'll be after her on putting her stuff away!

Pictures from Grandma Michele.

And a little reading area next to her shelves.  

It's nice with these boxes because we have all of the toys sorted and labeled by bins. When she's done playing with one "category" of toys, she puts them all back into the bin and can get out a different one. We actually have a few extra bins available, but I plan to make sure that all of her toys always fit (obviously there are some larger pieces in her closet) in this shelving unit. When there is no more room in the boxes, it's time to clean up and donate the things we don't use!

So, there is a little look at what Grace's room looks like these days!

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