Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

My family is blessed with lots of people to love, and lots of people that love us. That means we are able to celebrate the birth of Christ, Christmas, family time, and the holidays with lots of people in lots of places. It's a blessing. However, sometimes it makes it interesting trying to make sure we fit everything in with everyone.

Over the weekend we were able to see all of Cody's family at some point in Spearfish. His grandparents then came to see us on their way to Spearfish on Monday, and my parents came from celebrating Christmas with my mom's side of the family in Minneapolis all the way to Pierre.

Warning: photo overload!

I always loved our tree upstairs. However, this tree won me over this year. We had two trees in our house this year, the red and glitzy one upstairs and the kids tree downstairs. My mom found a tall-ish/skinny-ish tree for me and I put all the kids ornaments and mine on it from when I was a kid. We made pompom garland and put all our Christmas books underneath it. I love it. Can't wait to do it again next year.

Christmas in Spearfish!

Grandma found Grace Full House! She just about died! :)

And Grandma ordered some awesome standout prints of Remi and Cody hunting! I can't wait to get our mudroom done to hang these up in there! Gorgeous!

Wooden kitchen stuff! :) Grandma also found Grace some great games, a wooden cookie set, fun toys, and great movies! Good job Grandma!

Look at those adorable bloomers!

Speaking of bloomers!!!! Grandpa made the mistake of asking me for underwear. I'm not a big fan of buying my own father underwear, much less my father-in-law. So, he'll know better than to ask me for underwear again. 

Annie loves this toy from Aunt Lyndsey ! Grace had the same one, this was one of the first toys that Annie has been really excited about.

Grandma and her granddaughters. 

Love this one of the two of them. Lyndsey must have been funny!

Annie and her huge stuffed animal from Cass!

Fun with the cousins!

Thanks to all for the nice gifts. I couldn't possibly have posted all of their gifts it would have went on forever! :) The kids really enjoyed the company, love, and generous gifts. 

Cousin time!

The girls did great on the drive to and from Spearfish. We did have to make a couple blanket forts in the car to keep complains of the sun at bay from the two ladies in the middle row.

But all in all there was a lot of this:

Then it was Christmas Eve. Grace really got into the traditions this year. Reindeer dust outside before church really made the reindeer come and leave some surprises while we were at church! Our traditional Christmas Eve meal was fantastic! Then reading the poem about Santa's Magic Key that Grace has and leaving milk and cookies out for Santa, we also left out some celery for the reindeer. Couldn't believe they ate it, it was a bit sketchy! :) 

Nana & Poppa and the girls

Adorable matching skirts from Aunt Ashley were so cute on the girls for the Christmas Eve service!! 

Then Christmas morning FINALLY came! The stockings were full, Santa left presents, and ate the cookies!

He brought Grace an Easy Bake Oven!!! She was obviously ecstatic  Along with that he brought Annie a toy puppy, Grace a Furby and some Gak! Score!

And Nana and Poppa got Grace an American Girl Doll that looks just like Grace. We've been having fun doing her hair up all fancy. With her money from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Richter she chose to buy some matching PJ's and clothes for her doll. Great idea!

Poppa and Annie

Christmas Chaos! Assembling Annie's exersaucer from Nana and Poppa. Craziness around here!

We had a great holiday. It was great to see everyone we could, and we are truly counting our blessings. It's great to have jobs that we love. It's even better coming home every night to children that we love dearly. What is the biggest blessing is the friends and family that shower us and our kiddos with love.

We're still working on the finishing touches of Christmas as we will celebrate with my Dad's side of the family in January.

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