Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Backroom Progress

Our mudroom/laundry room/remi's room has been in the process of getting a makeover. See below what it used to look like. That pegboard and cabinetry was driving us crazy. It was awfully dark in there too, and not much space. 

We started major progress on this room in August when I was pregnant. Actually one evening when Cody and a friend were working on it I went into labor with Annie that night. With a baby in the house, progress goes a lot slower.

We've been making some strides back there again recently. Here's where were at:

I got some new curtains and a rug for in front of the washer/dryer utility area. There really is no getting around an enclosure other than a curtain here. We're painting trim, cutting trim, and trying to get it all pieced together back there. A job that a 4 month old isn't fond of. So progress is slow.

And I wish my to-do list was a simple as Grace makes it out to be. She made this list one evening while I was painting trim. Translated: Paint. Check. Opening. Check. Pour. Check. ???. Check. Rollers. Check.

Hopefully we'll be able to mark this room as complete in the next few weeks. That would make me a happy lady.

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