Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Punch of Circles

Awhile back a spent a lot of time with a circle puncher. Cody thought I was crazy. And the cat loved the project, with the circles, string, and all. The dog hated the project, the punching of the circle punch was so pierce it drove her nuts! 

I was making this "mobile" for Annie's room. Turned out pretty cute looking I think. I can't wait until summer when the A/C is on and this moves more with the air circulation.

Her room has since changed a bit with the addition of a tall shelving unit. I haven't quite perfected that space yet, but I'm working on it.

As always, things around our space are a work in process and ever evolving, or revolving if you're like me and feel like things never get done and always change.


  1. Is that just fishing wire and 2 circles on each side?!

  2. On this one I used white thread and double sided tape to stick the two pieces together with the thread running along the tape inbetween.

    I made something similar, I'll blog about it soon, sewing the circles together.


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